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Candle Light Farms is a stable where you can consider yourself at home! We provide lessons, boarding, and leases. Many of our horses are thoroughbreds rehabilitated to the world of showing in the disciplines of dressage, show jumping, and eventing. Their athletic and competitive natures make them perfect horses for schooling. Their loving natures make them ideal for beginners through advanced! Each of our horses comes with a story all their own! We will add there stories to our web page as the months roll along. Be sure to check out our horse of the month on line! We are sure that you will fall in love with them all, just as we have!


About the Owner / Trainer

Noell Sivertsen-Edgell grew up on the east coast and always had a love for horses. Before getting her first horse she rode at Stepping Stone Farm in Ridgefield, CT. Following her love for horses brought her to Ohio and Lake Erie College (LEC).

While perusing a B.S. Biology/Pre-Vet degree she was able to ride on the eventing team while bringing along her own horse Coldy. During her time at LEC she was able to ride, train, and work with numerous professionals such as Frank Madden and Bill Cooney at Beacon Hill Show Stables, Jay Shuttleworth in Brewster, NY and Joan Harris at Lake Erie. While at LEC, Joan helped develop her passion for teaching and helped her secure a position at the Allegheny Riding School for girls in Tyrone Pennsylvania, teaching 30 girls, twice daily, for two summers. Since graduation she has brought along several of her own horses and eventually, became involved in race horse rescue thru the C.A.N.T.E.R. program.

After years of wanting a facility that could accommodate the rescue efforts along with the training, the current farm was purchased in 2004. Since the purchase there have been many improvements such as additional stalls, more pastures installed, and a sprinkler system in the indoor for dust control.

Currently there is a large string of school horses available for the students ranging from beginners thru advanced. A large portion of the lesson horses are rehabilated race horses that have been retrained from their former racing days to become wonderful lesson horses.

Noell believes that riding should be a fun experience and encourages all of the students and boarders to have a real camaraderie. She works on developing her riders into “thinking riders” so they know what to do and why to do it I safe and fun environment.

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